IT vs. Business?

Throughout the day I talk to both technical and business stakeholders. So far, these two groups had their own area of responsibility. In your opinion how does automation changes the landscape and where do you think these two organizations will end up? Does one overtake the other one? Will they merge at some point in time?

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I see both functions living on, but continuing to transform how they partner and make holistic business and technical decisions. I look forward to the day when “vs” has been wholly replaced by “and”. I see the path forward as far more cultural than structural, and independent of a type of technology. I’ve had the pleasure of working in a wholly collaborative environment like that - many years ago, way before the days of automation solutions and no-code platforms. Where we by design learned from each other the business considerations that should contribute to technical decisions, and that technical choices always have a business “why” (or “why not”).


I agree with Meredith. Each group has a separate mission and will continue to live on. However, the ability to work together collaboratively will no longer be a nicety - but an imperative for competitive advantage and success.